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Application Process

Please make sure you provide complete and accurate information in the application form. Only fully completed applications will be considered for Affiliated Independent Event status.

The applicant will receive a message confirming receipt of the application within one day and will be notified of the outcome within two weeks.

Please note that information provided in the application form may be used on the conference website for promotional purposes.

There are no fees related to an Affiliated Independent Event application.


The following basic criteria must be met in order to be considered as an official Affiliated Independent Event:

  • The event must reflect and support the Conference Objectives and Principles and values of conference participation.
  • The event must take place between 1 May and 31 July 2018.
  • The event must take place outside of the conference venue, the RAI Amsterdam.
  • The event cannot be called a pre-conference (this terminology is reserved for official pre-conferences contracted for AIDS 2018).
  • The event must take place outside of the official AIDS 2018 programme hours, which are:
Monday, 23 July 2018:08:00 – 21:00
Tuesday, 24 July – Thursday, 26 July 2018:07:00 - 20:30
Friday, 27 July 2018:07:00 - 17:00

For more details, please review the Affiliated Independent Events Terms and Conditions.

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Personal Details (from Conference Profile)

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De Hartogh
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Ciska de Hartogh/Arte et Amicitiae
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Barentszstraat 14
The Hague
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Event Organizer

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Ciska de Hartogh/Arti et Amicitae Amsterdam *
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Netherlands *
Amsterdam *

Event Description

Event type
Cultural event  *
Event name
Ciska de Hartogh – Film Exhibition on AIDS
Event description
Please describe your event in under 150 words. This description will be included in the publication of the Affiliated Independent Event on the AIDS 2018 webpage and in the online programme. Find examples of previous Affiliated Independent Events here.
On Wednesday 25 July Ciska de Hartogh, Dutch Filmmaker, will show two of her short movies, “Please Hug Me” - the story of the ground-breaking work of Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, and “Arms Around You” – the representation of an incredible project between Dutch and South African high school learners discussing ways to prevent the further spread of AIDS. The cultural event will also discuss a third short movie, “Thandeka in Overview Heights”, and present an interview with the main character of the film. Thandeka is an AIDS-infected single mother drawing strength from her Christian faith to survive in miserable circumstances. After the screenings, the film director will invite the audience for a Q&A session. Afterwards Art Society Arti et Amicitiae bar will be open for drinks. The three films are on show in Arti et Amicitiae until the end of August.
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Rokin 112, Amsterdam (City Centre)
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1012LB *
Netherlands *
Amsterdam *

Scheduling of Affiliated Independent Events

Affiliated Independent Events must be held outside the official conference hours and may take place according to this schedule.

Affiliated Independent Events may take place according to this schedule:

Pre-AIDS 2018

Sunday22 July 2018or earlier

During AIDS 2018

Monday 23 July 2018ending prior to 08:00 or after 21:00
Tuesday24 July 2018ending prior to 07:00 or after 20:30
Wednesday25 July 2018ending prior to 07:00 or after 20:30
Thursday26 July 2018ending prior to 07:00 or after 20:30
Friday27 July 2018ending prior to 07:00 or after 17:00

Post-AIDS 2018

Sunday28 July 2018and after

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July 2018

25/07/2018 - 04/08/2018

3 Films on AIDS Amsterdam City Centre, 21.15-22.30 hrsdelete
How does your event support the AIDS 2018 Conference Objectives? All Affiliated Independent Events need to clearly reflect and support the conference objectives. Please explain how your event supports / relates to them.
The 3 films convene the advanced ground breaking work of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, where through the collaboration between hospital, doctors and the community, an effective AIDS control project has been created which has for more then two decades served as an example for many other AIDS programs in the world. The films also advocate on people living with HIV/AIDS and in particulary vunerable groups such as single poor women in the townships around Cape Town as well as initiatives in the private sector for an inclusive integrated response in order to prevent the further spread of the AIDS pandemic by actively involving young people in creating awarness about AIDS prevention.

Administration information

Please enter the date, time, duration and name of your proposed event in this field in order to submit your Affiliated Independent Event application.

The AIDS 2018 conference organizers reserve the right to approve or reject any Affiliated Independent Event application, and may decline a request, wholly or partially that, in its opinion, is not in keeping with the character or purpose of AIDS 2018. The conference organizers are not responsible for the final content or the organization of any approved event. The sponsoring company/organization is responsible for any planning and/or costs connected to their event. The sponsoring company/organization is responsible for the actions of its employees and/or agents. Failure of any company, non-profit organization, or working group, and its agents or employees to follow these guidelines may result in the loss of their ability to apply for Affiliated Independent Event status at future Conferences.