International AIDS Society
«Don't tell anyone». What does it mean to be born with HIV in Ukraine?

Affiliated Event (Pre-registration required)

Type: Cultural event
Organizer: CO Union of Adolescent and Youth «Teenergizer»
Target audience: Public
Location: Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 1018 WV Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Schedule: 14:00 - 18:00, 21.07.2018

The documentary theatre play aims to draw attention to the issues and stigma which HIV+ teenagers in Ukraine are facing. The performance is a story about two adolescents who are looking for the answers to their questions: "What does it mean to be born with HIV in Ukraine?" and "What do children feel when they have to hide their diagnosis because of the fear to be judged and isolated?" The documentary theater performance will make the audience feel how it is to live with HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), and why it is important to let voices of young people living with HIV from EECA be heard at AIDS 2018.


The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.